Retirement FAQ

When selecting a portfolio to invest in for retirement, consider your long-term financial goals and risk tolerance. InvestSMART offers a range of Professionally Managed portfolios designed to cater to diverse investor needs. Utilise InvestSMART's tools, guides, and educational resources to help you choose the right diversified investment portfolio for your retirement planning.

These resources include:

Our online InvestSMART Bootcamp is designed to help you make informed investment decisions for retirement. It's never too late to start. Check it out here.

A Professionally Managed Account (PMA) is an investment account managed by InvestSMART. Opening a PMA allows you to choose one or more portfolios tailored to your retirement goals and risk tolerance. As you approach retirement, you can adjust the portfolios within your PMA to align with your evolving financial objectives and risk profile. InvestSMART will manage and monitor your retirement investment portfolio, leaving you free to focus on living your life.

InvestSMART creates diversified portfolios primarily using Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and, occasionally, direct shares.

For example, the InvestSMART Hybrid Income Portfolio invests in Australian-listed hybrids and debt securities. By constructing portfolios with various asset classes, such as Australian and international equities, infrastructure, property, and high-quality bonds, InvestSMART aims to influence your retirement investments positively.

Investing for retirement is a long-term commitment, and timing the market is less important than maintaining a disciplined investment strategy. By consistently investing in a diversified portfolio and adhering to your investment plan, you are more likely to achieve your retirement goals.

As InvestSMART can only provide general financial product advice, we cannot specify how much you should contribute to your retirement investments. It's crucial to consider your financial objectives, situation, and needs before making any investment decisions. You can use InvestSMART's online calculators and tools to help you plan your retirement contributions.

Yes, you can apply for an InvestSMART PMA using an SMSF. InvestSMART offers different account types depending on your SMSF structure (individual or corporate trustee). Ensure you have the necessary information and documentation for your SMSF when applying.